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Grandview Tire & Auto – Edina, MN

Case Study on Solar Energy for Small Businesses in Minnesota

Project Overview

Grandview Tire and Auto was the state's first project to utilize PACE financing, and the flagship for how cities can facilitate renewable energy projects. PACE eliminates upfront costs through municipal bonding that is repaid through special property tax assessments. No taxpayer dollars are involved as the city acts only as a conduit between the bond holder and the building owner.

Project Results

Grandview’s array consists of 117 Trina 235W modules feeding a bank of 3 SMA inverters. This system utilizes 3 different roof surfaces and orientations. To maximize the energy output of the configuration, a Tigo Energy system was installed to control and monitor energy harvest.
Project Location
Edina, MN
Project Type
Project Size
27.495 kW
Ann. Production
34,500 kWh