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Home Solar System – Roseville, MN

Case Study on Solar Energy for Homes and Families in Minnesota

Project Overview

John and Pat wanted to invest in solar for different reasons: John likes the technology and financials, Pat was looking forward to the next generation. Their home has a near unobstructed southern exposure with two roof surfaces. One of which has a solar tube skylight mounted in center. John wanted to maximize the potential and install the largest system possible.

Project Results

A Sanyo, high-efficiency, solar module array was mounted on both roof surfaces and fed into a single central inverter. These surfaces are nearly 100% shade free year round, so selecting the highest efficiency hardware was essential to maximize energy harvest. This system is sized to offset nearly 90% of their energy use year round.
Project Location
Roseville, MN
Project Type
Project Size
9.030 kW
Ann. Production
11,300 kWh