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Prairie Gold Farm – Grove City, MN

Case Study on Solar Energy for Farms and Agriculture in Minnesota

Project Overview

Mike wanted to invest in solar for different reasons. “Because the panels are now getting direct sun-light all the time, they are able to produce 35 percent more power throughout the day. According to the Net Metering Law, I couldn’t install more than 40 kilowatts (kw) of power on my property, and I wanted to find a happy medium where I could stay under that benchmark but still get the most out if it.”

Project Results

A Solar World, high-efficiency, solar module array was mounted on a dual axis tracking system from All-Earth Renewables and fed into one SMA inverter per tracker. These trackers are dual axis which means they track the sun daily east/west as well as seasonal tilt from summer to winter. This system is sized to offset nearly 90% of their energy use year round.
Project Location
Grove City, MN
Project Type
Project Size
36 kW
Ann. Production
69,514 kWh