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Klassen Farm – Mountain Lake, MN

Case Study on Solar Energy for Farms and Agriculture in Minnesota

Project Overview

Klassen Farm in Mountain Lake, Minnesota is sophisticated grain and livestock operation with significant energy need throughout the year, particularly during peak season. Wendell Klassen and his family were looking for an opportunity to reduce energy costs for their hog barns and other operations.

Project Results

Blue Horizon Energy installed six All-Earth Renewables Solar Trackers to produce an aggregate 39.6 Kw system capacity. The system utilized best-in-class Solar World panels and ABB inverters, and is expected to achieve breakeven within six years of installation. The system has a 25-year expected useful life, which is backed by warranties from Solar World and ABB on the key panels and electrical components.
Project Location
Mountain Lake, MN
Project Type
Project Size
39.6 kW
Est. Breakeven
6 years
“We have a grain and livestock operation in Southern Minnesota. I had been looking for something that would reduce energy costs for the hog barns, as that is a large expense for our farming operation. Blue Horizon did a great job of working together, keeping me informed and making the process as smooth as possible. I was very satisfied with how they handled the permitting, how the project was constructed, and how it was done in a timely manner. We look at this investment as giving a good return for a long time while getting paid off in a short time.”
– Wendell Klassen